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NFIB Weekly News

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October SBET Continues Two Year-Long Record Optimism Streak. (11/13/2018)

The Small Business Optimism Index’s (11/13) reading of 107.4 for October indicates that small business optimism has continued a two-year record high streak. NFIB President and CEO Juanita Duggan is quoted saying, “The October optimism index further validates that when small businesses get tax relief and are freed from regulatory shackles, they thrive and the whole economy prospers.” NFIB chief economist Bill Dunkelberg is quoted saying, “October’s report sets the stage for solid economic and employment growth in the fourth quarter, while inflation and interest rates remain historically tame. Small businesses are moving the economy forward.”

Business Climate

House Democrats, Republicans Set Up For Showdown On Tax Cut Reversal. (11/13/2018)

The Wall Street Journal (11/9, Rubin, Subscription Publication) reported House Democrats will try to reverse part of the 2017 tax cuts when they take control of the majority next year, in a fight that may spill over into other bipartisan deals including a proposed $1 trillion infrastructure plan. Democrats have suggested rolling back corporate and high-income tax cuts to fund the plan, and have floated raising the gasoline tax. However, Republican control of the Senate and White House should enable them to block Democrat proposals, making it unlikely their efforts will be successful on anything that isn’t must-pass, deadline-driven legislation.

Small Business Marketing

Opinion: 30 Ways To Build A Marketing Presence (11/13/2018)

Writing at Business 2 Community (11/10) James Scherer of Wishpond highlighted some of the marketing techniques he found useful in driving rapid growth. Scherer gave readers 30 separate tactics to work on that he thought would be new to many marketers and “be the most reliable for growing a business.” Among the topics Scherer noted were to; join active communities of other marketers; send micro-influencers an Instagram DM; stand for something; find and repost user-generated content;communicate easily with followers; and run a co-promotion with a business similar to yours, among other topics.

Wages and Benefits

WSJournal Analysis: Midterms Strengthened ACA Across The US. (11/13/2018)

The Wall Street Journal (11/8, Armour, Subscription Publication) looked at how this week’s elections changed healthcare policy across the country. In addition to Medicaid expansion passing in three conservative states – Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah – Democrats who campaigned on Affordable Care Act-related issues won gubernatorial and House races in many states, strengthening the position of the law.

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