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Trump Signs Executive Order To Streamline Infrastructure Project Approval. (08/22/2017)

USA Today (8/15, Jackson, Jackson) reported that President Trump “signed an executive order” designed “to speed up the approval process for road, bridge, and airport projects across the country – a major priority of his legislation.” On signing the measure, Trump said it “would dramatically reform the nation’s badly broken infrastructure permitting process.” USA Today also quoted the president as saying, “one agency alone can stall a project for many, many years and even decades.” The order, the article added, “would require one lead agency for each major infrastructure project – and hold agencies accountable if they don’t take action to make their permitting process faster.” CNN (8/15, Tatum) reported that the president insisted that his Administration “is working every day to deliver the world-class infrastructure that our people deserve, and frankly, that our country deserves.” The order, Reuters (8/15, Volcovici, Mason) reported, also calls for revoking “an Obama-era executive order aimed at reducing exposure to flooding, sea level rise and other consequences of climate change.” According to the Washington Post (8/15, Fears, Mufson), Trump said the approval process “was ‘badly broken’ and that the nation’s infrastructure was a ‘massive self-inflicted wound on our country,’” adding that there will “no longer” be “one job-killing delay after another” for new projects.

Business Climate

Fed Wrestles With Dual Reality Of Low Inflation, Low Unemployment. (08/22/2017)

The New York Times (8/16, Appelbaum, Subscription Publication) reported that a growing number of Federal Reserve officials “see the pattern” of the US economy’s low unemployment and low inflation “as proof that the Fed needs to adjust its assumptions” that the phenomenon will fade away with a rise of inflation by next year, according to an account the Fed released of its most recent meeting in July. The account “said most officials continued to regard low unemployment as the most important factor” and that many officials “remain inclined to raise the Fed’s benchmark rate later this year.” But some officials “see evidence that the low unemployment rate overstates the health of the job market, and therefore that the Fed should wait to raise interest rates.”

Small Business Marketing

Newsletter Company Treats Email As The New Facebook. (08/22/2017)

NiemanLab (8/16, Wang) reported, “Email, not Facebook, is the largest social network,” and the company Inside is using that philosophy to focus solely on gaining new readers and more revenue from its newsletters. The company’s philosophy is that publishers can’t control Facebook, but they can control emails, and that’s how they deliver a general-interest news briefing “and quirkier offerings,” all with the Inside name. The company has some “300,000 subscribers across 30 newsletters, and average open rates just above 40 percent.” Inside uses a freemium subscription and ad revenue model and says it is just short of profitable, Nieman said.

Wages and Benefits

Congress Will Have Just 12 Days To Decide On Shoring Up Obamacare Marketplaces. (08/22/2017)

The Wall Street Journal (8/20, Armour, Hackman, Subscription Publication) reported that when lawmakers return from recess on September 5, they will have just 12 days to decide if they will approve a bipartisan measure that seeks to shore up Obamacare marketplaces before insurers have to inform state regulators whether they will offer Obamacare plans in 2018.

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